You Can’t Predict The Weather… or Snoring

“Its better to aim for the stars and land on the roof, than to aim for the roof and land in the basement” – Mike Plume

Man, since my last blog so much has happened here at Rocky Ridge Canyon. The Dungarees and I are almost finished with our producer Winston and we have two solid tracks that are sounding killer. It’s been a pleasure working with these dudes. I love their vision; their work ethic and they are beauties! They also like to chirp me, and I appreciate their attempt. James Murdoch is about to go on stage with the boys and I’m sure he is feeling the heat after my threat about stealing his bass duties. I am sure he will be expecting my critique after the show. 😉

Some of these seminars have been unforgettable. Listening to Clayton Bellamy was enchanting. So interesting to hear someone’s take on the industry after being a performer in this business for so many years. This dude has been through everything and it was a pleasure listening to his story. I thoroughly have enjoyed the seminars throughout the week including Mike Shannon’s on being a program director and the challenges that come with radio.

My favorite seminar of boot camp has been listening to Mike Plume and his songwriting story. This guy is engaging, hilarious and intriguing. His story about “the songwriter” captivated us all in the room and made me realize how this business can be such a grind and totally amazing all at the same time. Mike has been in the songwriting industry for over 30+ years and is still looking for “that song.” He believes he can still do it and his passion is truly inspiring. I had a great chat with Mike earlier in the week and I was lucky enough to get a few pointers on how to survive my new move to Tennessee.

“Your gut is never wrong, trust it. Releasing a single to radio is like predicting the weather. You just don’t know how it’s going to go.”

I truly wont forget about this incredible experience for years to come. The showcases, the pool parties and the seminars are all unforgettable. Along with Jamie Woodfin’s snoring.


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