You Bet I’ll Go There

We ended our last day at bootcamp with a listening party of the songs that we’ve worked on over the past week. My song, that I co-wrote with Michela, was called You Bet I’ll Go There. We were given the theme “There’s A Place” and decided that there were two directions that we could take this song. First being a physical place, and second being a mental place. We chose to write this song with the second idea in mind and built a story around a character who is proving someone wrong by saying “you bet I’ll go there” and alluding to things that she normally wouldn’t do.


The lyrics for the chorus are:


There she goes again

When I’m three sheets to the wind

Break that window

Burn that bridge

Then call you up again

Boy you bet I’ll, you bet I’ll go there


We were working with Elisa on producing this track and we ended up adding a very funky sound to it (think Bruno Mars). While this song isn’t traditional country, it came out sounding very cool and got us first place in the songwriting competition! What I took away from this experience is that each and every individual brings something different to the table when it comes to songwriting. Hearing all the other awesome songs at the listening party was incredible because each was so different and we were all assigned the same theme.


It’s been a very, very inspiring week out here at Rockridge Canyon. I can’t wait to keep writing and creating with the top 12!


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