You Be You Be You Be You Be You

I’d like to believe that after my approximately 14,445 days on this earth I would have a confidence in who I am. I would walk tall and secure in my voice and body. But the reality is, I don’t. There are times that I do of course. Moments when I have a strut and swagger that announces to the world, I AM ME, HEAR ME ROAR!!

We speak these words to others all the time, “You be you, there’s no one else that can do what you do. You are perfect, just as you are”, and we truly believe it when we say it. Yet if someone says that to us we nod and agree, the dismiss. WHY?

Why can’t we just believe it! I want to agree with it, I want to have it take hold and empower me. Maybe I just should.

Being here at the Project Wild bootcamp reinforces the statement, You Be You, everyone else is taken. There is so much diversity, artists and voices form all walks of life, and we all have something to offer that the world needs!

It would be easy to look around and think, my voice can’t do that, I could’t wear that, I couldn’t write that. I suppose that’s the point. I can’t, and I’m not suppose to! I’m supposed to be me, you’re suppose to be YOU.

Remember, YOU BE YOU!

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