Willie’s Ranch Road

I thought that carpooling from Edmonton with Julia sounded like a great idea because the AC in my car had just crapped out on me and I couldn’t get the part I needed to fix it before leaving – I was not looking forward baking in a Pontiac Vibe oven for 10 hours on the way to boot camp.

Julia thought that carpooling with me sounded like a great idea because the mechanic told her in no uncertain terms that he recommended NOT taking her car through the mountains. Besides investing our time and money into our music careers, maybe we could start setting aside change for new wheels.

But we managed to borrow a vehicle (thanks Mom) and crashed at my sister’s place in Revelstoke on the way (thanks Siobhan – very cool town, wish I could have seen more of it) and we made it to Rock Ridge Canyon.

You don’t really get a sense for how far out the camp is until you turn down the road to get here called “Willie’s Ranch RD.” It’s at the end of a long and winding gravel road full of pot holes and puddles with blind corners and sharp turns. Now that I think of it, that road is not all that different than the path to a successful music career… they must be prepping us for whats to come.

Ready for a week of collaboration, new friendships, and reflection.

I’ll report back later with a picture of me hoisting the cup from the Faculty VS Artist hockey game.

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