What is Even Happening Right Now.

Day one at Project WILD boot camp. After 9 hours of driving (with an overnight stop in Kelowna) and a week of relatively little sleep, to say I was operating at a low brain capacity when I arrived would be an understatement. However the adrenaline shock was very real when I was greeted by friends at the NICEST mountain lodge I have ever been to. The facilities here are truly breathtaking. To house an operation as large as PW bootcamp would be an incredible feat for even a well-equipped conference centre in a major city. The fact that we’re at a mountain lodge that is able to accommodate a concert hall, several recording studios, classrooms, dormitories, and a swimming pool blows my mind.

The most pleasantly jarring part of this whole experience so far has been the transition between enjoying peaceful, outdoor solitude one minute to recording music the next. My brain has a difficult time connecting the dots between enjoying the remote wilderness and having access to a full-equipped studio. It’s a wonderful feeling, and the end result of this whole mental process is that I feel incredibly lucky to be here. I get to do what I love, surrounded by a community of like-minded people (respectfully very skilled in their own fields), whilst soaking in one of the most beautiful parts of Canada and working in a state-of-the-art facility. I feel like I’m in Lord of the Rings.

-Aaron Pollock

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