What an experience

I started writing while driving that long gravel road, departing bootcamp. One of the most beautiful camps I have ever seen. Im leaving with, knowledge, drive, inspiration, and some really amazing memories.

My time at PW bootcamp 2019 has been unreal. I gained so much knowledge in areas that I wanted, and also some I was unaware of. Which led to drive. I am so driven right now, and with everything coming up that was exactly what I needed. On a high that I want to carry with me through the coming months. I’m excited to bring that drive along with Inspiration. In the process of trying to write a new record, this couldn’t have happened at a better time for me. I’m inspired though our session with Ryan that I spoke about in the previous blog, and I cant wait to write some new music.

I also leave with an incredible amount of memories. Thank you, to everyone who had any kind of part in Bootcamp. Artists, faculty, sponsors, staff, WILD 95.3 and the Jim Pattinson broadcast group, Alberta Music. Everyone had their own little part in making this such an amazing weekend, and makes for the best artist development program out there! Im so thankful for the opportunity.

Lookout world, there’s 12 artists coming for you. I promise.


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