The Sun is Shining

The morning horn went off at 7:50…Just in time for breakfast. I’m sure that everyday I rise and make my bed and step out onto the deck of our dorm cabin that I will be in awe of where we all are. What a blessing this is. The food is great with a good selection. 

The first session of the day was with Tamara Beatty the Vocal coach from “The Voice” among other great things. She gave a very heartfelt and sincere session. There was a lot of affirmations of what Diane Sheets has taught me but also some other new tricks and things to consider.

Trevor PanczakLiam Killeen is the epitome of what you want in a public speaker. Informative, Witty and Engaging. 90 minutes flew by.

Bob D’Eith is what I would consider as the God Father of Project WILD. The man with the vision so many years ago and followed through with it. I’ve never met someone who practiced law and was in a road band at the same time…until now. You can be as involved in your career as you want to be. Its exciting that the sky continues to be the limit. The ones that go through the channels from the ground up always seem to have an understanding of the industry they represent that in turn is easy to connect with.

SykamoreSykamore and I worked with Scott our producer and Liam from nimbus. We laid down some scratch vocals and acoustic tracks in preparation for Sunday nights recording session. She is an absolute treat to be around and listen to. She knows her instrument through and through. I look forward to collaborating with her more here as well as after boot camp is complete. 

Talk to ya tomorrow. 


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