The Room

The Room


August 24, 2019



To give you some preface on what us artists get to do while we are here…we basically are constantly learning from industry professionals, working on our craft, creating music, and working with some awesome producers.


Introducing my next new buddies, Ben Chase and Elisa Pangsaeng. Ben and I were paired to write a song together during our time with Project Wild. Living in different cities and having different schedules can make this a bit difficult (involving skype writes, texts, and getting rained out in a park.) As we got to know each other better we soon developed a story and things starting flowing. After a few days of working out the bits to the song we were pretty happy with what we had come up with in a short amount of time.

Next we get to camp and met our lovely producer, Elisa. I could create a never ending list of how cool she is (from her work on our tune to her taste in music.) She took the time to listen to Ben and I and what our musical tastes were to infuse into our song. She’s brilliant and really brought it to life. Now I know you’re probably wondering about the title…which is another reason Elisa rocks. She made a studio by filling a room entirely with balloons, bed sheets, and twinkly lights. The room filled you with joy the second you walked in…I mean who wouldn’t feel that happy jumping into a room like that, not to mention getting to make music in it.









Hanging in the studio every night has been an absolute blast and I can’t wait to share the tune!

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