The Road…Re-Travelled

I have, to this point in my life, been strictly a destination traveller. The thing with destination travelling is one misses all that comes in the journey. All the interesting little and truly magical moments and physical things that can be so easy to pass right by.

I had a revelatory moment of realization with this thought recently.

My family were on the first real holiday we’d taken in years. The kind where you purposely take your time. We passed through Merritt, BC and popped into a lovely little cafe for a coffee and treat. While we waited for our order I wandered downtown. It was such a cool place. A little frozen in time. An old gold miner vibe to it. 

Thing is, I’d been here before. A few years back my band and I performed at their Rockin’ River Fest. 

We were at the height of our popularity. I should have been soaking it all up, breathing it all in. Unfortunately I wasn’t doing that. What I was doing was worrying. Worrying about what I wasn’t doing. What I was doing wrong. What we could have been doing better. What was coming next, etc, etc, etc. 

What I should have done was pause and look at the stage, look out at the thousands of people watching, look at my bandmates pouring their hearts out, look at the mountains in the distance, just look, breathe and appreciate. As I continue my musical journey and I re-travel some of the roads before me, I’m going to try and forget about the destination and enjoy the road. 

May you have a chance to RE-TRAVEL a few roads.


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