The ride is over

How is it over already?

Boot camp:  training camp for learning various types of skills

This week has certainly lived up to it’s definition, but far exceeded my expectations.  There was undoubtedly a LOT of learning going on here, on so many levels.  From the speakers, from the faculty, and from each other.

With all that learning going on, it seemed like most of the moments of our week were full.  When we finally got some free time to enjoy each other’s company without having to rush off to the next session, it was the last night.  We all enjoyed a pontoon ride on the lake, and were treated to a listening party for all the co-write songs we wrote and recorded throughout the week.  It was so cool to see what everybody wrote and how they put it together.  The producers were all so amazing, and we felt so honoured to be able to work with everyone here.

It was a late night joyride, with the pedal down all the way until the tank was empty.

Thanks for the ride!!



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