The Magic of Recording at 1:24 am

PW Bootcamp Blog Entry #1

Ohhhhhh man, here we go! First of all, today was incredible … aaaand tiring & I think we all are starting to understand that the rest of the week is going to be tough. But hey, we’re musicians, we’re the definition of tough!

Currently, I am sitting in the Copper Room studio with our amazing house band tracking bed tracks for me & Jamie’s collaboration. This is seriously one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Apart from the whole blanket fort & fairy lights thing we’ve got going on, getting to record a scratch vocal and watching Matty and the rest of the guys record the song we wrote is pretty wicked. Although today was long, there’s something about being in the studio at 1:24 am that holds a certain kind of magic. I am thoroughly exhausted as I’m sure so many of us are but being here & recording new music gives me an excitement that makes me feel so awakened to everything we are going to accomplish this week.

With my live performance tomorrow, these first few days have definitely been very busy for me. Earlier today, before recording my acoustic session, I was feeling quite overwhelmed. But I took a nice long hot shower, got to playing & singing up in the loft, & I was feeling better before I even realized.

Also, can we just talk about beautiful this place is?! I definitely did not expect to be hardcore glamping this week. The word “glamping” for those who don’t know is defined as “shorthand for glamorous camping; luxury camping” & seriously that’s a very good description for what we’ve got going on here out at Rockridge! The food? Amazing. The facility? Incredible. And the people?! Seriously out of this world. I know that I’ve made friendships and connections that are going to last me a very long time.

Absolutely so stoked for the rest of the week!!!

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