The “Gut Feeling”…

Something that really resonated with me today was during Aimee Hill’s presentation. As an Artist Branding is very important. How do I want to present myself? What will my brand look like? How do I want to be perceived? What really cleared the air for me was when Aimee’s presentation explained the “Gut Feeling”. When you look at the Apple symbol on your Mac Book – what do you think about? For me it’s a world of possibility, innovation and creativity. Also, the “apple a day keeps the doctor away” thing.. I think about being in elementary school and the old Apple computer my Mom had. I have never thought of my brand in this way before.. How important and powerful it can be! So – my mission is to give my audience an amazing “gut feeling” every show and every time someone buys my cd or merchandise. Thank you Aimee Hill!

(photo Unfolding Creative Photo)

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