The Gift

We drove away from camp for a few miles to this spot the camera crew had lined up for my acoustic session. I told them my song was about an old cowboy and this is what they came up with!

Sean, Cody, Zai, Jarret, Nathan and the crew have been amazing to work with! I knew I could trust them to pick out the perfect location. I stood in the tall grass and played my guitar while looking towards the road and the hill with not as many trees. When I sing my song ‘Swayback’, I imagine a cowboy from out by Longview and this scenery is very similar with the rolling hills, differences in trees, grasses and the colours.

On my drive out to camp I had my phone on shuffle, ‘The Gift’ by Ian Tyson came on. Those lyrics really hit me while I was singing my song about a cowboy out by Longview who Ian would know, looking over this beautiful place. Even though that song references Montana I’m sure you can appreciate the similarities.

“Get her all down before she goes.
You gotta get her all down,
Cause she’s bound to go.”
– Ian Tyson

Lyndsay Butler

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