The End

The End

Augus 29, 2019

Alright folks, this is the last one for the books. I am going to try to do my best to recap some of the highlights, and thank all of the amazing people I had the privilege of working with.


The Song

As said in one of my previous blog posts, I got to write a killer tune with Ben Chase (hopefully you will all get to hear it soon!) Ben was great to work with and super fun to have in the studio. He has the ability to get you out of your head and have a good time, and is going to be a lifelong friend. Elisa Pangsaeng (our producer) is brilliant and creative. She brought our song to life and I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future. Lastly a shout out to Jeremiah from Nimbus School of Recording for being the best assistant.


The Band

Matty McKay, Bart McKay, Spencer Cheyne, Justin Kidding, Ryan Dyck are all top-notch musicians. These fellas not only made amazing arrangements and bed tracks for our tunes but were also a HUGE part of the showcases and making us artists sound good and feel comfortable on stage.


The Work Shops

These work shops were some of the most eye opening and inspiring take-aways from camp. Each speaker brought a new piece of information that is integral to us as an artist. Right from the business side of things, media, writing, performance…the list goes on, all of these are important in the puzzle. Thank you all for taking time out of your schedules to come and share your knowledge with us artists this week.

Vanessa Cito (Reach Social)

Nate Wiszniak (Spotify)

Jonathan Best (Wild 95.3)

Tim Hardy (Sound of Pop)

Ryan Warner (CMI)

Tamara Beatty

Kate Matthews

Adam Oppenheim

Ryan Guldemond (Mother Mother)

Ben Nixon


Nimbus School

Thank you so much for making this week happen. They built all of the spaces for us to record, brought our equipment EVERYWHERE and were such amazing people to work with.


Lastly I must thank Alberta music and the team (Carly Klassen, Cecilia Schlemm, and Olivia Street) for making this week and this entire program happen. We are so lucky as artists to be given these amazing opportunities and I will forever be grateful for them.


Honourable Highlights

The Hockey Game – We lost, but man our team had drive. When it doubt, nothing brings a team together like “Mom’s Spaghetti.”

The Acoustic Sessions – We had an amazing team of people who helped film a more stripped down and raw version of who we are. Special shout out to Sean Edwards for listening to my vision…and for waking the team up at 6 am to film my video…as noted in a previous blog…I love a good sunrise.

The top 12 – I got to know each one of these artists a little more throughout the week. Each one of them has talent, drive, and passion for what they do. Not only that, but they are fun, caring, compassionate, and hilarious. I hope to have to opportunity to work with every one of these artists in the future and feel like I have developed lifelong friends here.


Back to reality now, thanks for following the journey.

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