The End Is Not The End

Boot camp is over… I think we are all genuinely concerned about the lack of food after today. There seems to be this common knowledge that you leave here a little round. Our pontoon party cruiser captain made us all move to the back of the boat last night so he could reverse…

My list that I’m taking away from camp is to get twerking lessons from Tanya, force Karac to write a hit song with me and meet up with Nice Horse for wine. I really feel like I made a dozen life long friends this week.

Before we came down to breakfast which is where I’m writing you from, we cleaned up our room and packed our instruments. It’s bitter sweet as we all know this is really just the beginning. We are all leaving here with a fresh start and focoused minds. I cannot wait to see what everyone achieves over the next year.

Boot camp has made me a better artist and person.

Till next time!

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