The Drive

The Drive


August 22/23, 2019


This was the start of our journey to a week we would never forget. It can be a bit scary at first, getting to know so many new people and artists…Am I cool? Will they like me? Why does this feel like the first day of grade 7? But this experience has been nothing like that (don’t worry I’ll tell ya about all my new friends later.)

If you want to get to know someone a little better the best way to do it is take an 11 hour road trip with them (somehow turned into 13 hour…don’t worry, we will get to that too.) Mark Time’s and I both work full time jobs on top of our music careers. Seeing as we would both be leaving Edmonton after a full work day, our best option was to car pool. You may have noticed from reading his blog that both of our cars are far from top notch condition…so shout out to his parents for lending us a car. Another huge shout out to his sister for supplying us with a place to crash for the night in Revelstoke and some road trip snacks (note: gushers & garden carrots are awesome.) Mark, you and your family are awesome.


Mark is lovely company and I would give him a 9.9 on the road trip buddy scale, highly recommend. We had good laughs, good life chats, and listened to some good tunes. It was rare that there would be a lull in conversation, and if there was it was generally because we were enjoying some music and the beautiful scenery…which took us on about an hour detour in the wrong direction…oops. However, due to the fact that I was the passenger seat, I take full responsibility for not being up to par on map duty. For this, Mark’s road trip rating gets bumped to a 10/10.


Now we are here and there’s many more new friends a new stories to share. Stay tuned!



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