The Day Before the Day Before

“All my bags are packed and I”m ready to go…..” Just kidding I can’t even quote John Denver. My clothes are folded but they are not actually in my bag yet. And by “bag” I mean large trunk with wheels. There isn’t laundry so I mean yeah, I brought a lot of clothes. You got daytime clothes, nighttime clothes, bedtime clothes, physical activity clothes, swimming clothes (Also known as bathing suits) Performance clothes. Lots of clothes.

Anyways tomorrow at around 8:17am ( I like that number) I will be leaving for B.C. to embark on a the “Wild Ride”. Joining 12 others acts in the beautiful Rockridge Canyon Centre for People Who Can’t Read Good. hahahah just kidding thats Zoolander! Keep up. But actually let me restart… we are headed to the Rockridge Canyon Retreat and Conference Centre which is a world renowned place.

I’m looking forward to learning lots, and feeling like I’m in school again!

Will update upon arrival. I will also inform you how badly we beat the faculty in Ball Hockey on Friday 🙂

Amy Metcalfe

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