The Creature In The Wall

There is a creature that lives in the walls of my house. She creeps out at night and whispers words and melodies in my ears, so quietly that sometimes I can barely hear them. If I don’t capture them the moment I hear them, my little muse disappears into the night and sends her ideas to someone else who is waiting for her to stop by.

When I pay attention and invite her into my space, she starts appearing more often; teasing me with ideas and phrases that put my brain in overdrive and give me an itch to write.

When I neglect her and don’t take her seriously, she hides; her whispers become more like echos and it gets harder and harder to coax her out again.

Some people call this creature “inspiration” and some folks call her “God”, but regardless I think we all have own little creative troublemakers that and send us ideas from the universe that are dying to be turned into songs, melodies, books, poetry, photographs, paintings, ect.

Ryan Guldemond of the band Mother Mother talked about his little creature during Project WILD Bootcamp this week and it reminded me that I need to listen to mine more and spend more time nurturing her and giving her space to grow.

He reminded me that songwriting and the creative process is about finding inspiration in the world around me and writing every single day because my little creative muse will only show up if I do too.

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