That’s A Wrap! (for now)

I think these past 7 days have made up the most exciting and exhausting week that I have had in a VERY long time. From being taught about the business side of the industry and learning about royalties and music licensing to fashion styling and stage performance techniques, we’ve covered so much this week… now it’s time to let it sink it.

I am currently on my way home and I am thinking about my main take-away’s from this week. First off, I want EVERYONE who is reading this (Hi Mom!) to know how genuinely amazing every single person was at RRC. Each person showed up and was the best version of themselves. Going into this week, I was nervous to see how the relationships would unfold, but I am so stoked to say that I have made not only connections with these people as musicians, but also as friends. Maybe that’s what happens when you’re all together from 7am-2am writing, recording and learning. You get to know people before they get their morning coffee (Jamie can’t hold a conversation before he has at least one coffee) to seeing them ROCK the stage at showcases.


I am so excited to put what I have learnt into action over the next few months and continue working hard towards my goals. And want to know the best part? I get to do it with the Wild Dozen by my side.



Thank you ALBERTA MUSIC and PROJECT WILD! I’m very excited to continue on this wild ride ;)



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