Tears, Teams and Tired Eyes

The last few days are almost hard to put into words.

But, this is a blog, so we will do our best.  We have been taught, mentored and have made some amazing friendships.

The lack of sleep seems to not be affecting us as much as we thought it would. Maybe it’s the mountain air. Maybe it’s the people we  are surrounded by…. maybe it’s something in the water. But maybe, just maybe it is because we  are immersed in our passion. What makes our blood flow. What we were born to do. Surrounded by others with the same demons that haunt them late at night, just like us. To create. To have a voice. To do …. something… to share.

While we sit in this glorious place, and look around, and take in all that is to take in, we are grateful. We are thankful, and know this will remain with us forever.

As we sat this morning and listened to Mike Plume talk, recite quotes, talk about the trials and trepidations of the music business, we were reminded… why… just why, we were, and are, on this journey. Because it’s who we are. Not what we do. As we all teared up listening to him speak, it inspired us. We breathed in his inspiration. We felt the compassion and the message he wanted to pass on to  all of us. Whether we were just starting out, or if we have been at this for a number of years. Remember the passion. Remember why we started.

“Remember that each show, there will be someone there who is seeing you for the first time, and someone seeing you for the last time.  Don’t phone it in. Be there.”

So while there have been tears, and tired eyes, we have become a team. A family if you will.

Man we are sappy hey?

But today, we are filled with emotion, and that’s ok.

So! Tonight we rehearse and watch more of the amazing artists showcase, as we did last night. Can you say talent? Wow!! Tomorrow night is our showcase, and we can’t wait!

So until tomorrow, DomiNation… have a great day 🙂


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