Team Nimbus for the Win!

Nestled in the heart of a beautiful mountain landscape sits the amazing Rock Ridge Canyon, the setting for our Project Wild boot camp. This place is truly a hidden gem that I would encourage anyone to visit if they had an opportunity. I can’t think of a better place to gather musicians together to create music. It is the perfect atmosphere for growing and learning.

After we completed the facility orientation we broke off with our co-writing partners and producers and began finalizing our arrangements on the song we wrote prior to coming to boot camp. The second night at camp bed tracks were tracked in this crazy make shift studio in the basement of the main lodge. To give you a quick idea of what this looked like, the producers station, with the sound console, was basically a large tent created from tables, blankets, pillows and wall partitions. Christmas style lights hung from the ceiling for ambiance…this was a particularly nice touch.

Nimbus School of Recording has been a huge part of making Project Wild boot camp possible. I can’t say enough good things about this crew. Karl has been running a tight ship and has kept his students busy assisting the producers and musicians doing anything from grabbing Red Bull in town when I needed a little boost to giving me golf cart shuttles up and down the road to the studio and lodging. They have been a great group to work with.

This has been such a great experience so far and I am looking forward to the coming days of soaking in as much information I can. Boot camp is an experience like no other and I feel very fortunate to be involved in the program.

-Coach Woodfin

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