Study, Stage, Studio, Repeat! | Leaving Thomas Entry 2

Bryton here on the morning of day 5 at Project Wild Bootcamp! It has been a busy, but incredible past few days! Not only have we been learning from the informative keynotes each day, we have also been flexing our creative muscles both on and off the stage. The Study The sessions have all been…

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Photo of Mariya Stokes, performing her showcase at Bootcamp Here we are day 5 of 7 at PW bootcamp and since my last blog we’ve taken several classes on radio tracking, music supervision, publishing, grant writing and social media. The amount of valuable information pertaining to my career in music that my brain is trying…

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Mik Goes To Boot Camp

Boot camp usually means getting your butt kicked… and Project Wild Boot Camp is going to be a legit butt whooping but in the most amazing way you can imagine. Your schedule is packed but it’s packed with things you cannot wait to do or learn! Day 1 was rad as we all got to…

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Bootcamp Day 1: Dude, Where’s My Sleep?

Midnight Lights @ Rockridge Canyon Camp

Are we having fun? Yes.

Are we learning a ton? Oh yeah.

Have we swam in the lake yet? No, but that is definitely going to be happening. The Blob, anyone?

What about our co-write with Ken? Turning out so awesome. As Russell (our producer) said, “Wow, we really pulled that one out of the ditch”. Couldn’t agree with you more, buddy.

What about sleep? So far, the outlook is not good.

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