Need to Know: Ken Stead

Ken Stead

One more look at ‘signatures’ with KEN STEAD, his hat and his honesty – we took a moment to ask each of our Project WILD 2016 Top 3 about their “thing”, so you could understand and connect with them a bit more before the big FINALE show on November 26.

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Mike Check

Today has been ABSOLUTELY INSPIRING.   Mike Plume, Mike Plume, Mike Plume…I can not say enough about this man.  Mike has given me so much motivation to write.  New ways to write, better ways to write and new ways to be inspired.  Mike did his entire session in the most poetic and honest way.  He…

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Canoe Tell Me How You Got There?

Clayton Bellamy Ken Stead

We are the Canoe race champions first of all. Not by much though. Jessica Marsh and Geoff O’Brian had challenged myself and Erin to a canoe/kayak race. With sweat pouring down our faces after the monumental effort we realized that we went every which direction but the one we were supposed to be going. We had crossed the lake perpendicular, made 90 degree turns, corrected, crashed into our competitors but in the end made it to the finish line. It didn’t even matter who won the race but more so that we got to the end without dying.

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Ken Stead at Project Wild!!

Just wanted to take a few minutes to introduce this incredible band that came with me to Project Wild and to fill you in on how the first 2 days have gone. Harry Gregg is groovin the bass, Geoff O’Brian is killin the skins, Kyle Mosiuk is slayin the electric and Erin Kays smooth vocals are backin me up. Super excited to have these guys along for this incredible opportunity.

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