And that’s a wrap….

How has a week gone by so quickly? But, it has.
Last night was our showcase. We got to share the stage with Sykamore, The Dungarees, and Ken Stead.
We felt great, Luanne had some butterflies, but we went on stage, feeling like we belonged. 20 mins to shine….. and we sure did…..
The talent on this stage this week, has been mind blowing. Cole Bradley, Dani Lynn, Jamie Woodfin, Amy Metcalfe, Brad Saunders, Trevor Panczak, Sykamore, The Dungarees, Ken Stead, Shantelle Davidson, and Midnight Lights. Each act brought to the table, their originality, and their talent, and their passion. We have become fans of each and everyone one of them, and we highly recommend you do too.

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Tears, Teams and Tired Eyes

The last few days are almost hard to put into words.

But, this is a blog, so we will do our best. We have been taught, mentored and have made some amazing friendships.

The lack of sleep seems to not be affecting us as much as we thought it would. Maybe it’s the mountain air. Maybe it’s the people we are surrounded by…. maybe it’s something in the water. But maybe, just maybe it is because we are immersed in our passion. What makes our blood flow. What we were born to do. Surrounded by others with the same demons that haunt them late at night, just like us. To create. To have a voice. To do …. something… to share.

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Domino dives into Day 1 and 2 at Boot Camp

Well, what can we say?? We have been blown away so far at Boot Camp! We arrived yesterday just after lunch, and were in awe with our surroundings. This place is absolutely gorgeous! BC, why you so pretty? We love it here!

We had a 3 hour session, with Amy Metcalfe, working on the song we wrote for Boot Camp, and the cover we are going to record. Good times were had by all, and we got to also work with last years Winner – Leeroy Stagger. Man that guy has talent. Lot’s of great advice, and lots of fun.

A hockey game ensued after supper, going into sudden death overtime, where the faculty won….. barely… 😉 There are some discrepancies with the win, but …. well… I guess they deserved the win! HAH lots of fun for sure

Luanne was lucky enough to see 9 deer, and get pretty close… Deer whisperer? Maybe!!

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