So there was that…


Aside from taking in all of the info packed sessions and recording with some of the best producers our area has to offer, we have done our best to take in some of the beautiful scenery on our down time, from morning runs, to zip lining, to hiking, we have certainly taken in some fresh mountain air! One moment that I didn’t anticipate taking part in our week of development also occurred today. While taking in the breathtaking view on our hike, there was a rustling in the bushes a few yard ahead. I’m sure you have already guessed at this point that it was a bear.. and no less, a grizzly bear, narrowly crossing our path.

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Nimbits Unite!

Dani Lynn

3 days into PW bootcamp and we are feelin it! After a beautiful drive in to the mountains, it was undeniable that we won’t be hurting to live here for a week! Aside from the amazing view, we have channeled our inner ‘summer camp kid’ and constructed some pretty stellar forts in our room, so…

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