You Can’t Predict The Weather… or Snoring

cole bradley

“Its better to aim for the stars and land on the roof, than to aim for the roof and land in the basement” – Mike Plume

Man, since my last blog so much has happened here at Rocky Ridge Canyon. The Dungarees and I are almost finished with our producer Winston and we have two solid tracks that are sounding killer. It’s been a pleasure working with these dudes. I love their vision; their work ethic and they are beauties! They also like to chirp me, and I appreciate their attempt. James Murdoch is about to go on stage with the boys and I’m sure he is feeling the heat after my threat about stealing his bass duties. I am sure he will be expecting my critique after the show. 😉

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30 hours into Bootcamp: Rematch anyone?

Cole Bradley

I have been at Rocky Ridge Canyon as part of the PW boot camp for around 30 hours so far and it has been incredible! I’m so lucky to hang with my fellow Top 12 finalists, and the amazing PW faculty for the next seven days. Today, we had the opportunity to hear from the extremely talented voice and performance coach Tamara Beatty. Tamara is a total pro and I am looking forward to hearing her advice later on in the week about what she thinks I can do in terms of improving my overall performance. It was also a pleasure being able to hear from Liam Killeen and Bob D’Eith about their advice on how to conquer the music business and the business world in general. I never take for granted the amazing people I get the opportunity of working with in this business!

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