Straight Outta Comping

The final touches are being added to the two songs Sykamore and I recorded with members of my band and the awesome house band. Liam and Scott have done us proud with their efforts and dedication to this as they work behind the scenes during our classes. All of the music that is coming out of the studios is bang on! The Listening party on the last day will be a real treat.

Mike Plume is someone I want to get to know better. I’ve never been moved by someone who reads their message from a computer…until now. He delivered 45 minutes of raw truth. No BS with this guy. The saying about treating your show like its the first time someone ever saw you, I’ve heard before but he added that you should also treat it like it could be someones last time they see you perform. That was one of a few darts that hit me.  I look forward to writing with him down the road for sure.

The sessions continue to be informing and productive. Tamara, Bob, Kate, Glen, Scott, Julia Thank you. 

I’ve pinched myself everyday I wake up as I ask myself…Who gets this kind of treatment? Everywhere we go everyone here is literally working and doing something for me, for us. The 12 of us finalists are ALL winners just being here.

Short and sweet today…Talk soon.



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