Star Gazing

Saturday Sept. 27th

This evening, we had the first of our showcases. One moment, you’re talking to someone and relating to them on a practical level and then hours later, on stage, they are fireflies, lighting up the room. It’s amazing how unmasking oneself, doing what you love and loving those you do it for, connects us all. I was drawn into these whole, new worlds and honoured to be welcomed in.
After my mind was blown and my heart was warmed, by incredible and authentic entertainers, I was able to settle into myself in a whole new way. Before I succumbed to sleep, I went star gazing. Laying on the grassy part of this hilltop that leads down to the beach and water, which is nestled between mountains, I found my peace. Lying on that blanket of grass, finally grounded in an experience that was undeniably terrifying for me, it all came together. I felt such an incredible sense of awe and wonder- anchored in the physical world and the spiritual one. Stars can be found wherever you look and tonight I had the honour and staring up at the stars in the sky and sitting beside the stars I now call friends. What an incredibly special night it was.

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