Soundchecks and Vocal Mastery

Hey everyone! I’m having a great time out here in Princeton, BC for the Project Wild Bootcamp! It’s really smokey here due to all the fires, which is a little hard on our singing voices but we’re all pressing forward and singing our hearts out regardless. We are making forever friends, cowriting with fellow top 12 artists, eating delicious food, but mostly so much learning!  We just finished day 2 of classes!

Today’s classes were filled with seminars with vocal/performance coach, Tamara Beatty and with sound technician extraordinaire, Ben Nixon. I have a one on one session with Tamara in a couple days and am really looking forward to some more tips and feedback. That woman is a vocal master. I couldn’t possibly touch on everything I learned from her seminar right here in this blog, but I can tell you I learned ways to preserve my voice and how to practice good vocal health as well as many warm ups and warm downs before and after a show.

Ben taught us about basic sound theory and also about live sound. One session was focused entirely on doing a proper soundcheck, which I found very interesting to hear from a sound technicians perspective.
Soundchecks are super important for a quality show to take place. If you don’t have good sound on stage, it will show in your performance. As many soundchecks as I’ve done and conversations I’ve had with my peers about soundchecks, I still found this seminar very valuable.

I’ll be writing again in a few days with another blog and let you know what more I’ve been up to.

There is a real sense of community with the other artists. Teamwork and camaraderie all around. I find it really beautiful.

Xo Shaela

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