Song Sports

The first day of Bootcamp has come & gone and my legs feel as rubbery as those little erasers we used to chew off the end of a pencil in grade school. Thanks of course, to the game of ball hockey. A game I had not played since Jack Tripper dominated prime time television. (Yes, I’m old). Congratulations to the Faculty team for their ‘victory’, btw. And by victory, I mean quits while being ahead by ONE GOAL!! We (the artists) certainly couldn’t tied the game. But hey… I fight authority and authority always wins. (Thanks, John Mellencamp).
Seriously, though. It’s great to be here.
Yesterday, we ran through songs for pre-production and believe me when I tell ya that there’s such a high calibre of talented people here, you’d swear you were on The Voice.
They literally just dive right into a song and what began as two people getting acquainted with the song they just wrote together, to layers of harmonies like a choir. And since we’ve just begun to learn it, there’s no possible way that they’re familiar with the song, either.
Just pure talent, pure fun and pure gratitude.
Needless to say, I’m enjoying my Bootcamp experience, thus far. – Nathan Cunningham

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