So much to share, so little wifi.

Boot camp 2018 has brought together an amazing group of people. Such a helpful and nurturing collection of artists. On this first day, as we all reconnect, many for the first time since orientation, more vehicles roll up to RockRidge kicking up dust into the already thick smokey BC air.

We just finished writing with our team Katie and Jason (Midnight Lights). Up until now, the only thing we knew of them was where they were from and their names. Other than a few emails, we never talked or had been face to face. Starting at 3pm, we had nothing, 2 hours later, we had a completed song. Hold onto your butts, cause The Midnight Prairie Lights are coming for ya. Can’t wait to get Karen’s hands on this sweet sweet jam!

All of this is so fricken exciting. So much to share with our loved ones back home. BUT, barely a bar and the wifi is just crammed with requests. We just got here and Iʼm already feeling home sick. Not because I’m going to miss sleep in my own bed, itʼs just because I want to share this amazing experience with loved ones. This is only day one and we already have so much to share.

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