Showcase Day!!

Day 3 – Well day three is upon us here in the rugged wilderness of Boot Camp, and man the good stuff just keeps on coming!! We began our day with Bob D’Eith and his talk on the business of music. His practical insight from years of experience was fantastic to be able to see how important all of the business aspects of the industry are!! He is a very down to earth guy and easy to chat with!!

We then got schooled on publicity and working with publicists and journalists, which was a great discussion that answered many questions I had about getting your information out to the right people and proper etiquette in doing so.

I then went and completed my sound check with Matty and the boys, and it was great!! Got all the little bugs that were flustering me yesterday worked out and I was actually able to focus on some of the performance aspect of my showcase!!

Then I hiked up the hill to our producers room to lay down vocals for our co-write song and I love how it has come together and the message that we have ended up with. I am really looking forward to hearing the completed version once we lay down the harmonies and acoustic flourishes!!

Showcase time arrived and I have to say it was one of the best experiences of my time at camp so far!! I was extremely nervous about my set, but once I got out there I was able to pull it together and actually enjoy the entire experience!! All of the other performers did amazing as well, and the feedback received was awesome both to boost confidence and gain constructive feedback from industry professionals!!

Still on an emotional high I’m sure it will be hard to sleep tonight but I guess I should go try!!


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