Ryan Lindsay

Ryan Lindsay Bio

Raised on the Alberta prairies, Ryan Lindsay brings his strong country roots into a modern country sound. Ryan wears his heart on his sleeve as a country singer and he is known for bringing enthusiasm and energy to the stage. Winning Country Music Alberta awards this year for Album of the Year and Horizon Male Artist of the Year, he is making strides in the country music scene. A young troubadour, Ryan Lindsay has lived an adventurous life: He was a backcountry guide in the Rocky Mountains, a river guide in the Canadian Arctic, and tours now as a country artist. A captivating storyteller, Ryan has really captured his identity and brought that life experience into his music. The roots of his music and traditional country influences stand out, his voice is reminiscent of ’90s country, yet he jumps into his music with a contemporary twist on a classic country sound. The music he creates is truly authentic which makes for a captivating live show — Ryan Lindsay carries an undeniable presence on stage that wraps you up in story, song, and an engaging live experience.