Second last day of Project WILD Boot Camp 2017. It’s been a crazy fun week, with a ton of info absorbed, notes taken, pictures and of course some social media. There have been late nights (we are all still tired from staying up until 4 getting drum tracks on the second night), sunny skies and new friendships, hi-lighted by twelve fantastic performances in the showcases.

It can be a daunting task to retain the wealth of information and wisdom imparted by all the great industry professionals. The experience and insight shared by the faculty will, without a doubt, provide us the tools necessary to advance our brands. Some of the artists here have been here before, and as such they arrived a little bit grounded to the environment. We didn’t.

The experience has been utterly fantastic. We are hard at work in the down time discussing what we’ve learned and making plans on how to use the knowledge and implement it effectively. The next Showcase for us is October 12 and we are pumped to improve our show and present the full 45 minute set as the party you don’t want to miss!

I think I can safely speak for the whole band in saying that this experience has been awesome in many ways, and the true value of this week will make itself apparent over the coming months. It allowed us to spend good time together as a band, immersed in the music without the distraction of regular life getting in the way. It’s rare as a grown up to get those magic moments of being in a situation and just soaking it in and enjoying it for what it is. Kinda like this little blond boy that’s been running around all week…

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