Reasons Why Boot Camp Reigns Supreme

1. Every hour of my life is scheduled; I know exactly where to be at every minute of my day and it’s glorious. It’s different than say, my real life where I have to create my own margins of time, that are about as reliable as the “Apple” headphones I bought in Chinatown last summer.

2. The food is exponentially better than what I’m used to, not to mention there is a horn that sounds when it is about to be served. By Pavlovian logic, I may starve when I return back to the real world.

3. Geeking out about gear, marketing plans, budgets, vocal exercises, and radio is absolutely normal.

4. There is nature. Everywhere.

5. In all seriousness, even though this is a competition, I don’t feel ANY animosity between my camp mates. We are all here to hold each other up and cheer everyone on. I feel nothing but supported by all the people here, which is exactly how it should be. I’m learning so much from both the keynote speakers and my new friends out here. I hope we can take what we’ve learned here, even just about being there for one another, and apply it out in the real world once this is over.


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