Poolside Vibes Bootcamp Style

Can you say diving board flip contest? I certainly can!  Bootcamp isn’t all work; you also have a chance to enjoy some free time during the afternoon.   As you may already know, I am a big Team Nimbus advocate.  These guys go above and beyond to make our jobs as easy as possible, so when it came to a diving board flip contest, who better to have one with?  Karl Nimbus, “Captain”, kicked things off with an impressive front flip dive combo, with very little splash back I might add!  Next up was Josh, who may or may not have ever seen a diving board, the panel is still out. He did a great front roll, which eventually evolved into a pretty decent front flip.  Torben was up last and threw out a nice backflip like it was no big deal. All-in-all the diving board contest was a success, minus a few back and front flops.

Pool vibes led us to a song. Co-writing pool-side was a definite welcomed change to my usual spare room sessions.  Josh, Olivia, Michela, Julianna, and myself worked on a couple new song ideas and I appreciated having each of their perspectives and ideas.

One thing I took away from Bootcamp is that we all could use more community in our lives.   This program has shown me that we are better in numbers and having support from people walking a similar path makes such a difference.  I have met so many great individuals and love knowing I’ll have relationships with these people for years to come.


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