Day 4 – Well I was able to finally get to sleep after my showcase and it was the best sleep I have had at camp so far, and i think most of it was due to the fact that I didn’t have my showcase set hanging over me, and was able to truly let down. Now I feel like I can start to enjoy the amenities that Rock Ridge Canyon has to offer, but first I get to have my one-on-ones!!! I have been really looking forward to this portion of camp, being able to tap into the minds of each of the professionals that we have met, and Tamara Beatty is one I’ve been waiting for!! She is a vocal/performance coach with a very high pedigree and once I completed my one-on-One with her I know why. She is a mind ninja!!!!! We were able to dig down into the reasons behind why I have anxiety prior to a show and strategies to be able to mitigate it, and then be able to really enjoy performing on stage!!! This was a huge help and I am looking forward to being able to implement these strategies right away and eventually retrain my mind and body on how I perform.


My second One-on-One was with James of the Dungarees, and this was a really insightful coffee chat about the whole program and ideas as to how to really show my personality in my live show!! We also discussed some unique merch ideas that are going to remain a secret for now till I get it all sorted out, but it was super fun bouncing ideas off someone who has lots of experience!!

Once the on-on-ones were done I was able to let down, so i grabbed my guitar and went and hung in the gazebo, where an impromptu jam session began and several artists came and went and we enjoyed just playing music and having some laughs!!

In the evening I was able to go to the showcase as an audience member and enjoy and evening of stellar performances and I feel like I truly got to know all of the artists better from their live shows!!

Then we hit the studios after the showcase and finished up what we needed to on our track, and then all hell broke loose with impromptu gang vocals and a lead guitar riff off that was something that you you had to see to believe!! It was such a fun night and I think as artists we are all starting to see each others strengths and making real connections and developing friendships that will continue long past Project Wild!!

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