Nose to the grindstone

Man… I really don’t want this week to end. Here at RockRidge, it’s like you’re on a different planet. Time goes by at a different pace and the rest of the big bad world doesn’t seem to exist. I’m gonna miss that feeling. I’m gonna miss being surrounded by likeminded people who are just as passionate about music as I am. I am gonna miss being immersed in music education every day. I am gonna miss a really loud horn blowing and the most amazing food magically appearing in front of my face.

This week has forever changed my life. The bond that I have made with the faculty and the rest of the top 12 has really touched my heart. I am leaving here inspired and fired up to work my butt off even more than I already do. I feel well equipped and supported through any challenges that I may face.

I will continue to focus my efforts on making my business as successful as it can be. This means creating my own version of success and celebrating every milestone I achieve even if it seems small in comparison to others.

Now… onwards. Ready to get back home and dive right in!


Michela xx

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