Nobody Likes Goodbyes…


It’s so crazy. This time last week I had a knotted stomach anticipating this experience. And this morning I woke up and realized I’m sad; I don’t get to hang out with all these amazing people all day.

I’m ready to go home – and my brain is so full of information I can’t even fathom the idea of more panels… but I’m going to miss my PW family.

Maybe the warm fuzzy jar should’ve been saved for today. Last night it didn’t feel like the end… today really does.

Thank you PW staff and faculty for making our journey so amazing. It was a truly enlightening week that offered so much direction that I am fiercely excited to pursue. You made things fun – and funny. You were more than accommodating. So grateful. Thank you.

Ridgerock staff: thank you for keeping us extremely well fed. The food and the space was so amazing and definitely added to the entire experience. I will definitely go to FB and sing your praises!

Elisa & Nimbus crew – thank you for rocking it all week and working so damn hard. It’s insane the hours and dedication invested in ONE song. You guys are rad.

To my PW peers. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for lifting me, for being genuinely interested. Thank you for sharing your craft. Thank you for accepting me – and letting me be your friend!

I want to add to my warm fuzzy that I wrote in your jar:

Nice Horse: I love the unity amongst you. I love the dynamic. I love that each of you is dedicated, passionate and that the skill sets amongst you varies in a way that compliments all the pieces required. You are kindness and fun wrapped in cutoffs and body suits.

Brad Saunders: It’s been a true pleasure to get closer to the person you really are.

Lucas Chaisson: No one is more dedicated to their craft than you. Your commitment to a song is truly inspiring.

Lucette: Wedding + Funeral + Swap …. + hilarious, witty, beautiful, talented. I love the commitment you have to your sound and yourself. There is no being anyone else.

Dustin Farr: The combination of your voice and your personality conveys a warmth so bold it could melt an igloo. You are a such an amazing human.

Ryan Langlois: Your intellect is admirable. Your passion is immeasurable.

Mikaila Cooper: You have been a ray of sunlight for me this week. Thank you for your friendship, your humour, your incredible smile. You are so, so amazing.

Karac Hendricks: I love your smile. I love your light. You are so bright, you shine. The energy that you carry is incredible.

Andrea Nixon: You are brave. You inspire me.

Charlie James: The craftsmanship in your songs and the way you put words together is incredibly unique and really f’king cool. Thank you for being my cowrite partner and for all the emotional investment you put in to the process.

Mark Times: I love that you know exactly who you are, and that you choose to be that person. You are incredibly talented and incredibly hilarious.

Bye PW crew. I’ll miss you!

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