Nimbits Unite!

3 days into PW bootcamp and we are feelin it!

After a beautiful drive in to the mountains, it was undeniable that we won’t be hurting to live here for a week!

Aside from the amazing view, we have channeled our inner ‘summer camp kid’ and constructed some pretty stellar forts in our room, so really, if nothing else, we have aced that!

Yesterday, we took advantage and ventured out on a hike during free time and saw the world from a different angle. Then we headed into the studio for some songwriting and scratch tracks!

This morning started out strong with more inspiring workshops and one-on-ones with the pros in the industry that are guaranteed to make our lives easier!

Dani-LynnThat takes us to now…we are currently hanging out in the studio doing the bedtracks for our 2 songs with the help of Nimbus recording and their super cool truck!

Such an incredible environment and energy running through this room full of undeniably talented musicians, bringing our songs to life!

And of course to all of the Nimbits (Nimbus recording techs) you guys are killing it!

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us!


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