Nice Horse talks camp crushes

KRISTA: Did you guys eat dessert at dinner? It was delicious.

BRANDI: Best dessert yet!

KATIE: No, I don’t have a sweet tooth. I just went for seconds.

KRISTA: That’s cuz you hate fun.

BRANDI: Kaley didn’t go for seconds, she made me go for seconds for her.

KALEY: I’m injuried, #neverforget.

KRISTA: Brandi, who do you think is the cutest boy at camp?

BRANDI: Krista, you already know because I told you.

KRISTA: Should we tell everybody? You fell in love with him at the publicity session.

BRANDI: How could I not? All of those luscious locks…I’m a sucker for good hair.

KRISTA: There’s a lot of good hair at camp. Some young John Travolta action going on.

KATIE: Aw yeah, wanna see? You’ll have to check our facebook page tomorrow.

KALEY: Hey, you wanna know who I have a crush on?

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