Nice Horse Expands the Band

KATIE: You guys awake yet?

BRANDI: Not really, I stayed up late last night.

KRISTA: We had to because we were recording

KATIE: Nice Times! Our new supergroup with Mark Times and us.

BRANDI: I stayed up after our recording to start booking our world tour.

KATIE: Good use of time, Brandi.

KRISTA: I can’t wait to hear the details.

BRANDI: I already booked us our first show. We’re playing at the pool this afternoon.

KATIE: Celebrity stylist Kate Matthews did say we really know how to dress for summer. I liked getting together with her and going through our clothes. Good to know shopping daily is a part of our job.

BRANDI: I love Kate! Should we ask her to join our band?

KRISTA: Sure! I already invited Tanya Ryan to join too.

KATIE: And Tamara Beatty – she’s in the band now also.

KALEY: Guys, you’re forgetting the most important new member! He already shares all our clothes – the best part of being in Nice Horse.

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