Nice Horse Adds A 5th Member

BRANDI: Guys, I found my dancing soul mate last night.

KRISTA: It’s Dustin, isn’t it?

BRANDI: Oh yeah, it’s also Dustin. I have two. The other one is Tanya Ryan.

KATIE: Tanya, get over here! You’re in the band!

TANYA: Yessss!

KATIE: Hey Liam, go away and stop distracting Kaley.

LIAM: Oh yeah?

KATIE: This blog is getting out of control.

KRISTA: Tanya, what’s your favourite part about being in Nice Horse?

TANYA: Ok…wait, but don’t write this part down.

[side bar off the record conversation ensues]

TANYA:…and boobs.

KALEY: And periods.

BRANDI: The first thing we need to do is get you into the band uniform.

TANYA: Should I borrow something from Brad?

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