Need to Know: The Dungarees

Continuing with a focus on ‘signatures’ – we took a moment to ask each of our Project WILD 2016 Top 3 about their “thing”, so you could understand and connect with them a bit more before the big FINALE show on November 26.


Q: Five different guys making songs together requires a certain common focus. Outside of the music, what are some common characteristics shared by the guys in the band?

DUNGAREES: Well, we can all quote The Simpsons and Seinfeld on demand.  Except for Darrek.  But he doesn’t talk anyway.   And the truth of the matter is that we’re all actually great friends and hang out a lot outside of the band because we’re all just normal, real guys who enjoy each other’s company.  Except for Darrek.

Q: What kind of ‘signature’ are you developing in your songs, that is becoming a ‘Dungarees thing’ ?

DUNGAREES: The harmonies have always been a big part of the sound, but over the last year we’ve spent the most amount of our time together working on the arrangements and grooves.  We’ve really committed to developing the feel and personalities of the songs.  As well, as a group, we have a pretty strong opinion about the direction that we’d like to see commercial country music go.  There’s an entire movement right now that is pushing for more honesty and depth in the songwriting and we intend on being a part of that.

Catch THE DUNGAREES on stage at the TOP 3 Finale
Flames Central, 216 8th Ave SW Calgary AB
doors 7:30pm // show 8:30pm

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