Need To Know: Sykamore

It seems every artist develops “a thing” along the way in their career – a look, a sound, a reputation for what they say or do. Its often these ‘things’ that bring us beyond the music and connect us to the person.  Its their personal expression. We took a moment to ask each of our Project WILD 2016 Top 3 about their “thing”, so you could understand and connect with them a bit more before the big FINALE show on November 26.


Q: The sunglasses seem to have become a signature look for you – when did they start appearing in your photos, and how did that come about?

SYKAMORE: My music and my brand are always closely tied to my real life, and the sunglasses kind of just came with the package. I did a shoot with Nate Northridge a few years back and he was the first to photograph the shades and they come up more in shoots now because of that I think. I’m always game to wear them for promo.  😉

Q: What signatures do you feel you have developed in your music?

SYKAMORE: My music has a fair bit of storytelling in it. sometimes it’s based on my life and sometimes not but it’s always got a pretty distinct arc that I see trending in a lot of my songs. I also really enjoy doing my own harmonies and background vocals on recordings. I think it adds a custom feel for sure.

Catch Sykamore on stage at the TOP 3 Finale
Flames Central, 216 8th Ave SW Calgary AB
doors 7:30pm // show 8:30pm

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