Need to Know: Ken Stead

One more look at ‘signatures’ – we took a moment to ask each of our Project WILD 2016 Top 3 about their “thing”, so you could understand and connect with them a bit more before the big FINALE show on November 26.


Q: You joke in your introduction video that, yes, you sleep in that hat.  When did the hat start becoming a thing for you and tied to you as a performer?

KEN: My hat is more of a security blanket than a fashion statement. I began wearing it when I started writing songs to be honest. I never really though about that. I’ve had a few hats over the years but since I found this one specifically, I have bought three of these after they start to get unwashable.

Q: What do you feel the signatures are in your sound/songs – either already developed, or ones you are developing now?

KEN: First and foremost, the songs are honest. I want people to know that they come from honest places. I feel like my sound has been discovered along the last three years. Its come down to roots/alt. country. Its a genre that I listen to a lot of and really enjoy the commercial side of that. I’m REALLY looking forward to getting out a new CD that TRULY reflects this.

Catch KEN STEAD on stage at the TOP 3 Finale
Flames Central, 216 8th Ave SW Calgary AB
doors 7:30pm // show 8:30pm

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