My ‘Camp Rock’ Dream Come True – Minus the Jonas Brothers

Yes, it’s true. I am currently living my CAMP ROCK dream that I’ve had ever since I was 13 years old watching family channel air that movie for the first time. Although it feels pretty much exactly how Camp Rock looked, there’s a few things that are different. For starters;

  • Replace the Jonas Brothers with the Prairie States
  • Add a few more dorm rooms (and some elk warnings)
  • Add a zipline and a few paddleboards
  • Demi Lovato isn’t here but Michela Sheedy is

So does that make this even better than Camp Rock? I think it just might…

Ever since I put the car in park, things have been a whirlwind.


Check in – done

Throw suitcase in room – done

Grab schedule and head down to the lodge for lunch – made it

Orientation – check

Pre-production – Yup

Hockey game – Attempted


And now I’m sitting in the most gorgeous spot, working on a co-write with Michela Sheedy and soaking it all in. It’s super cool to have an opportunity to work with insanely talented musicians, but also to get to know these people as friends and build awesome relationships. For anyone who is reading this who is also a musician, this place feels like HEAVEN! There is music in every corner of this camp –  people jamming outside, people writing inside. Lots of laughing. Lots of guitars.

Yes, we’ve had our famous first hockey game and I tried out my best slapshot… The NHL isn’t quite ready to draft me yet, but that’s okay. We’ll give it another year.




Thanks for reading! I’ll be posting more on here as this week continues xx



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