Photo of Mariya Stokes, performing her showcase at Bootcamp

Here we are day 5 of 7 at PW bootcamp and since my last blog we’ve taken several classes on radio tracking, music supervision, publishing, grant writing and social media. The amount of valuable information pertaining to my career in music that my brain is trying to retain is unfathomable. Lights have switched on and I have a much clearer idea of the directions I need to take through the avenues of the music business.

But what I’d mostly like to touch on today is how this bootcamp has opened my mind to the many different styles of music within the broad spectrum of the country music genre. The sound of country music has changed dramatically over the course of the last several decades. I’ve only ever been a fan of traditional  country music. In fact, I would go so far to say I am a country music snob. But I don’t really feel that way anymore. After getting to know the other top 12 artists here and also seeing/hearing them perform the last two nights at the showcases, I feel a lot more open minded.

These artists are all just as passionate about their craft as I am. We are all artists and we are all unique. Admittedly, before I came to bootcamp I would have lumped almost all the other artists here into pop-country. I see now how naive I was to think that way, and even arrogant to think that what I’m doing is so much different from what their all doing. Every artist in this bootcamp is incredibly different from the next. I’ve also come to understand and respect that writing for radio is a craft and skill that takes intense precision, and that it doesn’t necessarily mean you have let go of your artistic integrity to get the job done.

I’ve been incredibly moved by my fellow top 12 artists. Their showcases have all been brilliant and filled my heart with feelings I have never felt before. Having the opportunity to be here at project wild bootcamp has helped my music career in ways I will forever benefit from. But it has also helped open my heart and strengthen my integrity by the overwhleming feeling of being humbled. For that, I am forever grateful.

Peace xo

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