Mik Goes To Boot Camp

Boot camp usually means getting your butt kicked… and Project Wild Boot Camp is going to be a legit butt whooping but in the most amazing way you can imagine. Your schedule is packed but it’s packed with things you cannot wait to do or learn! Day 1 was rad as we all got to hangout and “adjust” to the amazing scenery and fresh air… we  took home the “Dungaree Cup” in the Artist vs Faculty hockey game it was both amazing and hilarious to see everyone so invested in getting the big W.

My fellow Wild dozen are amazing the girls are all in a bunk room and it feels like a big sleepover. All 12 of us and our bands squished into the gazebo last night for a group hang it was cold so the squishing part was great!

Im currently hanging out with Tanya and Ryan for lunch, our sessions with Tamara, Ben and Kate were rediculously informative and inspiring and I can’t put into words how grateful I am to be here.

To conclude I will leave you with a picture of my view !

Cheers friends !


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