Looking Back

Since I completed my one on ones my days have been busy with scheduled seminars and much more free time, which has allowed me to enjoy the amenities of Rock Ridge Canyon, and man is this place amazing!! We have spent most evenings bouncing between studios listening to folks put overdubs on their tracks and enjoying each others company. I can honestly say i have built some true friendships here that will last a long time!!! The last evening at camp we had our listening party and got to hear about the challenges and successes that everyone had in creating their co-write tracks and it blew me away how good all of the songs were!!! Congratulations to Ryan and Mikaila for writing a winning song!! It was a blast being able to hang with everyone on the last evening, and it makes me sad to leave, because it was such a wonderful creative environment that was open to anything, and I think there were lots of barriers that were torn down and a new appreciation for all of the artists involved.

Thank you to everyone and all of those involved in making this wonderful week a success!! You all ROCK!!!!


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